Bright Day over Beer Beach

by John Hammond


Size: 60cm W x 60cm H

Acrylic on Canvas
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Artist Biography

John Hammond SWAc trained at Wimbledon Art College before obtaining an honours degree at Bath Academy of Art in 1982.

John's works are often described as impressionistic, and yet they have a depth and vibrancy to them that suggests one could stroll right into the scenes they portray. Working in acrylics, John creates wonderfully vibrant and lively paintings that skilfully capture the effects of colour, light and texture.

John is without doubt one of Britain’s leading landscape painters working in the medium of acrylics. His delicate and warm impressionistic style conveys an elusive sense of place. Travelling at home and abroad, he explores new and established themes with equal enthusiasm, always seeking to convey the particular qualities of light and atmosphere he encounters.

Working 'en plein air' he makes detailed sketches and notes; then returning to his studio he builds up layers of texture and hue which seem to glow from within. The delicate handling of paint conveys the atmosphere of the various places he has visited through a sensuous play on light and colour and visual clues. From the dappled light of a French café scene, the shimmer of reflections on Venice waters, or the warm sun on English countryside, John captures natural beauty with a vibrant palette and assured brushwork.

“I always know a painting is successful if it tugs at my heart strings and pulls me back to a time and a place, to that first hand experience of the senses and emotions which calls to be painted, to be captured and shared.”

It’s the challenge of recapturing, on canvas, the environment, the atmosphere, the feeling of being in the place: to recreate it [in such a way] as when a person stands [before] the painting, they’ll feel the same way I felt when I was standing in front of the subject. That’s what I’m always striving to achieve - the sense of three-dimensional spaces that you could almost walk into. To feel the heat of the sun, hear the birds singing, or a trickling brook.

When somebody looks at a painting you want them to have a physical reaction to it as much as a visual experience. So it’s about capturing the elements that allows that to happen."

These subtleties distinguish great paintings from the merely good, and Johns work is being increasingly recognised by discerning collectors, following highly successful shows in Stratford, Cheltenham, London and the south coast.

John's painting methods have even been the subject of several books and a film ;'Capturing light in acrylics'. He is an elected Fellow of the South West Academy of Fine and Applied Arts (SWAc).

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